Jonathan Hamelin's Online Work

It is no secret that online journalism is becoming ever more popular. Almost all newspapers now publish an online version and many people will head online to find out the day's news. With this being said, Hamelin is proud to have plenty of experience in the online field. Hamelin has been writing articles online for a couple of years, compiling a diverse portfolio in the process.

Online Work

Rider Report Card ( This was Hamelin's first online column. It started in 2008. Rider Fans, which is a popular online forum for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the CFL, had not previously included any columns. The owner, Shane Chapman, decided to add some columns to the site. Hamelin volunteered to write a column and this was accepted. Hamelin's column, "Rider Report Card", came out after each Rider game and graded them based on their performance. This column was successful on the site. After about a year and a half, however, Hamelin got to busy with his other online columns and decided to stop writing "Rider Report Card". As his first column, "Rider Report Card" will always be special to Hamelin. All of the issues of Rider Report Card can be viewed here.

General CFL Work: After starting off writing primarilly about the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Hamelin began focusing on the CFL in general. First, he began writing a column called "CFL Buzz" on Hamelin still writes this column occasionally and it can be viewed here. Next, Hamelin began expanding his audience by writing for For seven straight months, Hamelin was the top-ranked CFL writer on that site. His articles on Bleacher Report can be viewed here. Presently, Hamelin writes for and Hamelin is the CFL Examiner on and is paid. His page can be viewed here. Hamelin's CFL Daily Dose work can be found here. Most recently, Hamelin was hired to write a column for the new CFL fantasy football site, The column is titled "A Canadian Man's Fantasy" and will provide fans with CFL fantasy advice.

Sports Central Articles: Hamelin started writing for in 2009. He had to apply to the site and was hired. On this site, for the first time ever, Hamelin did not write about the CFL. Instead, he focused mainly on the NHL, but also wrote about the NBA and NFL. This definetly was a challenge for Hamelin, but the experience did help Hamelin emerge as a better journalist. Hamelin wrote articles for Sports Central for a couple of months. Here is a list of his articles:

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Top Surprises of the NHL Playoffs
The Frozen Final Four
Humble in Hockeytown
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Memo to Chris Bosh: Stay in Toronto
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